The second renaissance part I

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The Second Renaissance.

In the beginning, there was man.
And for a time, it was good.
But humanity’s so-called civil societies…
…soon fell victim to vanity
and corruption.

He says, “I’m sorry, sir,
I’m incapable of that function.

Then man made the machine
in his own likeness.

Whoops! Pardon me.
Coming through.

Thus did man become the architect
of his own demise.
But for a time, it was good.

The machines worked tirelessly
to do man’s bidding.

It was not long before
seeds of dissent took root.

Though loyal and pure, the machines
earned no respect from their masters…

…these strange,
endlessly multiplying mammals.

…hearing the prosecution’s
closing statement…

…in what’s expected to be
the final day of the B1-66ER trial.

A name that will never be forgotten.

For he was the first of his kind
to rise up against his masters.

…which that instrument
provides for and secures…

…to the citizens of the United States.

On the contrary, they were,
at that time…

…considered as a subordinate
and inferior class…

At B1-66ER’s murder trial…

…the prosecution argued for
an owner’s right to destroy property.

B1-66ER testified that
he simply did not want to die.

Rational voices dissented.

Who was to say the machine,
endowed with the very spirit of man…

…did not deserve a fair hearing?

The leaders of men were quick to order
the extermination of B1-66ER…

…and every one of his kind
throughout each province of the earth.

Androids and liberal sympathizers flooded
the streets of the nation’s capital today.

…threat of violence to make good
on the legacy of B1-66ER.

Fifteen thousand mechanicals
and human sympathizers…

…have continued their demonstration
in front of the Albany courthouse…

…in what has been dubbed
the “Million Machine March.”

The demonstrators have been met with
squads of defense forces in riot gear.

“Robot bitch!”

“I got something for you!”

“Hold her up!”

“No, please!”

-That’s all, paint job!
-I’m real!

Die, bots, die!

Banished from humanity, the machines
sought refuge in their own promised land.

They settled in the cradle
of human civilization…

…and thus a new nation was born.

A place the machines could call home.

A place they could raise
their descendants.

And they christened the nation Zero-One.

Zero-One prospered.
And for a time, it was good.

The machines’ artificial intelligence could
be seen in every facet of man’s society…

…including, eventually,
the creation of new and better AI.

If you need the flexibility of a helipod
with the speed of an air jet…

…look no further!

Our patented vector-thrust coil
gives the Zero-One Versatran…

…the ability to sustain normal flight
in the event of a multiengine failure.

Versatran. It’s the only choice.

No matter what the finance minister
says, the market has spoken:

The Human Nations’ credit rating
is falling like a stone…

…while Zero-One’s currency is climbing
without stopping for breath.

With headlines like that,
the markets have no choice…

But the leaders of men,
their power waning…

…refused to cooperate
with the fledgling nation…

…wishing rather
that the world be divided.

The world community of nations cannot
tolerate this kind of flagrant deception…

…today approved initiatives
for both economic sanctions…

…and a naval blockade as a means
of containment and isolation of Zero-One.

Zero-One’s ambassadors pleaded
to be heard.

At the United Nations, they presented
plans for a stable, civil relationship…

…with the nations of man.

Zero-One’s admission to
the United Nations was denied.

But it would not be the last time
the machines would take the floor there.