The second renaissance part II

And man said, “Let there be light.”

And he was blessed by light,
heat, magnetism, gravity…
… and all the energies of the universe.
The prolonged barrage engulfed Zero-One
in the glow of a thousand suns.
But unlike their former masters
with their delicate flesh…
… the machines had little to fear
of the bombs, radiation and heat.
Thus did Zero-One’s troops
advance outwards in every direction.

And one after another,
mankind surrendered its territories.

So the leaders of men conceived
of their most desperate strategy yet.

A final solution:

The destruction of the sky.

Lt. Gaeda, please report
to the Op Center.
All right, you maggots! At 0800,
prepare to move out!

George Company, move out.
Charlie Company, prepare to move out.

Our Father who art in heaven,
we thank you for your…

Put on your spiritual armor
to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Hotel Bravo, this is Papa One.
Operation Dark Storm initiated.

Thus would man try to cut
the machines off from the sun…

… their main energy source.
May there be mercy on man
and machine for their sins.

Go! Go!
Kill them!

Kill them all! Kill them all!
Kill them all!

Fire in the hole!

Come on, get back out there.
Give us some more artillery.

Fire the gun! Fire the gun!

– 9 o’clock,
near Mike Johnson’s-

Hold on, I’m coming to get you!

Keep firing, keep firing!

Help me! Help me! No!

Help me! My God, help me!

The machines,
having long studied…

… men’s simple,
protein-based bodies…

... dispensed great misery
upon the human race.

Victorious, the machines
now turned to the vanquished.

Applying what they
had learned about their enemy…

... the machines turned to an alternate
and readily available power supply:

The bioelectric, thermal and
kinetic energies of the human body.

A symbiotic relationship
between the two adversaries was born.
The machine drawing power
from the human body…
… an endlessly multiplying,
infinitely renewable energy source.
This is the very essence
of the Second Renaissance.

Bless all forms of intelligence.

Your flesh is a relic,
a mere vessel.

Hand over your flesh,
and a new world awaits you.

We demand it.

It’s getting late, sweetie.
Come inside.