the six pillars of self-esteem

just know that “self” is a very big word.
if your “self” is not enough and have to depend on other.
how can you happy?
how can you laugh?
how can you focus on what you desire?

the bigger of your “self” mean you can provide all that to others that in need.

so firstly you have to make your “self” as big as you can imagine.

what self esteem pillars?

concept of self related or self esteem came from

1. Consciousness = know what you want to do all the time
2. Self-Acceptance = accept the reality of what you are, not because you like it but for knowing what you lack and how to go further.
3. Self-Responsibility = what happened in life, it is always because of you.
4. Self-Assertiveness = you are the one that do the decision
5. Purpose in self = Make your goal visible.
6. Self Integrity = integration of ideals, convictions, standards, beliefs and behavior, all of you are one-self.