The wheel runs on its own track

Conflict arises when a person who is convinced he or she is entitled to something meets with opposition. In such cases, the wiser choice is not to push things to the bitter end, because knocking heads only perpetuates bad will. Creative solutions which meet others halfway are more valuable and longer lasting than victories achieved through force.

Conflicts in which one party is not sincere inevitably lead to subterfuge and distortions. In such situations, those of strong character keep a clear head, protect their own integrity and look out for their own interests, even while seeking compromise. Often this means finding a fair-minded mediator who can settle matters.

In these times of conflict and turmoil, new ventures and new initiatives are to be avoided.

This is a good time to examine the sincerity of your own beliefs and those around you. Seek advice or arbitration from an impartial and mature person. Consider everything carefully before making any major decisions. It may be time to compromise. Try to clarify the roles and responsibilities of those you work and live with so as to avoid conflict in the future.