Time cannot be re-spun

I have many things to write down, but don’t know what to begin.
Some make me wondering about what is really human, some about myself.

I wondering how human decision making process work; Is it reasoning, or feeling?
Why I feel so wonder about many people blame other but not themselves?

Why many good on criticize others but never look on themselves passed?
Why many good on blaming other works; speaking like they work better, but never seem it out.

Blaming other about corruption, irresponsible, and cheating always easy;
but why I’ve never seen them do anything good?
I saw that they already had many chances to do,
but again only exception for them only condition to not do these or those.

I’m always wondering about people that said themselves well-educated,
but still choose people that work nothing but only good on blaming others
, and blame people that work all the time that they are cheaters.
So may be they are the same; work nothing but can only criticize.

So whom that do noting is better than whom that do many things but some mistakes?

For me, I appreciated on the mistakes than doing nothing;
so I laugh for the people that always claim themselves a high moral, high ethics, high virtue
,or something and claim whom look in other kind that sterotype;
I think that look obvious stupid in my logic.
May be their logic make them look good in their well-educated way.

Keep that logic, time is always the best proven machine for everything.
Wanna see how far Viet’s Privatization go,
and whom support ugly Lim to do their stupid work.

For me at least Taksin is better than a army of clone.
The clone that always said that they didn’t get report yet.
And blamed others corrupting like a mis-tune recorder.