time line and some notes

for the persons that know me long enough may know that i’m not the fast learner, not that smart.

so many time i need to get inspired by the persons near me that’s more clever, smart and working wisely more than me.


for many year that i try to get most inspired version of many people, some smart(er) part of me try to help some not so clever part of me many times; ones are planning ahead. but now it seem only planning ahead is not enough for now.


now; i need more better than planning ahead, i wish i can have some better tools for longer; more longer time planning.

so this is some template of what i thinking:

the part i wish to do.

objective: why i have to do that, in very specific ways

SWOT or Pro/Con: what good or bad/ get or lose if do and do not do that.

Score: how to know how much progress for that? if i success or fail what is for indicated?

Alternative: if i cannot do that, what i can do instead in short, and long run.

Timeline: make the very specific for each progress.

Next step: what can make that happen, what the mere prerequisite for that.

Flexible: make all step clear enough and can change all, but objective if the environment changed.

short and long term plans:


if i have more things to write down i will update later.

this is some dummy model for me to looking in more formal that the back of envelope methods for sure, but i still love to make ideas first and then shape to be looking like all this.