to the one i proud to love

Do you believe in love at first sight? How you describe what the call of how to know what is it; and what the mean to you? I didn’t believe of that till I met a girl; a girl that changed everything in my life, a girl that I cannot forget her even in my dream, a girl that always be my inspiration, the way I thought, and cultivated on what I’m thinking till today.

Any person ever tell how first impression impressed you so long? If not, I will. On my first met with her, I just seem a little bit stunt. Yep even other may just feel she is lively, joyful, but many other things I can see in her even in the first met. Our first talk, our first meal together; that’s all can be called first impression? If you said yes; then everything she was, and still all the first impression for me.

What make she outstand from other? Sadly to reply this answered; firstly I need to say that may English is not in the level to describe this all at the level I want to; secondly, I don’t even know any language that I know can describe all that. So all of this following may reduce to the level that I still can describe all that.

You can notice all even in the first talk with her; how she describe on situation, things person; how she talk about her ideas, how she solved the conflicts. It’s in the level of something very inspiring for me. How she cheered people up, how she be the good consult, how she managed the problems; all of that make me always try to put myself in her shoes; that if I her shoes what I will do, and If she is in mine what will she do; instead of what I will.

I don’t know what future holds for me; I just wish I can get closer to her enough to be inspired by her as long as she wish. I wish to see her smiles, a lot of smiles; her smiles always make my day. I wish for more conversation with her; her dialogue always make me feel really good for a day or two. Too bad, it’s really hard to be get inspired every day. May be this all my too much wish; if it can be limited to only one wish, I just wish I can see her smiles every day.

PS., that all I want to say to you, the person whom dear to me