tweakui and power toy

the greatest free tools from microsoft; i think this one must be the best that microsoft ever released. it is the best for customizing windows XP

Windows XP is the great os as proven for 7 years for that long period of usage; many improvement, patched and many utility launched but i still thinkĀ  tweakui is the great tool.

tweakui and its pack power toy were a set of tool that combine mini-tools that including;

Color Control Panel Applet / SyncToy PowerToy / RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer / ClearType Tuner PowerToy / HTML Slide Show Wizard / Alt-Tab Replacement / Open Command Window Here / Tweak UI / Power Calculator / Image Resizer / CD Slide Show Generator / Virtual Desktop Manager / Taskbar Magnifier / Webcam Timershot

but for me tweakui is a must i will drill down for the use of tweakui in each area in the next blog.


you can load this tool from here