do i need to be like other?

do i need to be traditional?

why i cannot think like other?

why do i have to believe on media, news, or something like traditional ethics?

i feel like there is no reason enough for me to believe in that.

most ethical reason is a junk for me.

do someone that born something have the very different on other?

did they sleep, shit, eat and sex like others?

did they do something better than others?

so need i have to faith in them?

so if that, i faith in myself may better.

let faith guide me my way.

PS. I really hate a kind of thinking about if someone don’t feel about one as a human-god they need to be alienate.

so may be i should be alienate; and then?

i just see that many that watch asshole tv already loss their brain. so that kind of junk of human may cannot think; they are just zombies.

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