how long i use my username on everywhere as rathwjj?

thinking of that, firstly I use it in colonization, the game that came from sid meier in 1994.

thinking of something unique and last long, long enough for me to use permananently.

firstly i thinked about only rath but it’s too general. and I don’t want to be rathchan or rathchen also.

my first experience on online username is with hotmail, long before microsoft ruled on 1998. On that time I still use redhat and windows98 .

I can choose for that time but I think for something permanently, last long and can be used everywhere like my own real name but short enough to fill in everywhere.

and now added the new place on my username rathwjj ->

i always look for permanent, last long relationship, and hope that i trust worthy for that.

ps. remake colonization hit the shelf, seek one you may love it.

ps2. i love colonization more than civilization. :P