War Drumming

I live long enough to play on the 8086 Processor, and have to say that it was my first.

Even can count the time that I touch the keyboard that connected with it, I can proudly say I ever touched it.

I was witness the clock wars between many processors. It played all roles in match.

Making technology flowed as madness as it can.

So one day, the underdog doubt with the play: following top dogs what for?

And they changed their own rule, for that day all the game had changed.

The change took away all expectation, the most trust was doubt.

The Moore's Law that was used now nothing for, and the top dogs then underdogs.

Even now the status may still doubt, but the position that was stationed now subsides.

Do you still cloud with doubt and hesitate?

Still need any to lead?

Keep in mind that nothing permanent.

When some come they can be gone.

Stay with reason on the result.