What I fear most?

There is a quiz about what you fear most, and made me thinking about that.






For me the less I fear is disgusted, at know how to avoid it so it never be my problems;

Or if I need to do some disgusting works; That never be my problems.

Ghost? In this topic, thank to my mother; sh bring me to the Chinese graveyard every year to do a cleaning for them.

May that not any of my problem.

Loneliness? it’s my best and hated friend; I never fear it. Only unlike sometimes; like present; while I write this.

Death? May I should fear that? I have face other death, but not mine.

For me death or adieu are the same; only death is eternal; I can make sure that the leaving is absolute.

May be after I feel nothing and why should I fear?

Good death may such a reward.

Adieu for me is such a horrible; may the same as death; not only hate; has to confess that I really fear that.

For the such normal other people; whom such passed; I do no regret for leaving them.

Only whom I care, trust and rejoice make me feel regret any time we leave.

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