What i learn from blogging.

1. If you want to write blog for someone to watch over you, you’re wrong. they will come just about a time and leave.

2. If you want many to come watch over you, just make it generic, even it’s not you.

3. The one that keep coming to your blog may not the one you want to.

4. If you want to keep it private, don’t put your blog anywhere, keep it in private, that may better.

5. If someone copy your blog, just happy for that, at least they think it’s cool enough to.

6. I write whatever I want to, don’t try to understand; if you like it, I happy with that. If not, sorry for; I can’t help any more than that.

7. You’re all welcome to comments. Spam too, but I have right to delete it. That’s fair? I called it even.

8. One that you love may not love you, but if that so, it’s the luckiest. Keep that long, you don’t know what future brings, do whatever you can today.