what i want to really want.

in many how to book, they asked you to set goal and then ask you 3 question;
1. if you have infinite time and resource what you want to do?
2. if you have 6 months left to live your life what you want to do?
3. if you have a pill or magic that can really make your one wish comes true, what you want it to?

and after all 3 answered check that all 3 have the same or different answers.
I know all that in the truly understand, and understand why they have to ask that, and all I know that it is the psychological questions. But my answer always be this question…

1.How can I have plenty of time and resource, no I meant I want to have plenty of time and resource literally.I don’t what it is just the question.
2. 6 months for live your life. if for that I want to live the life to extent the person whom have to live only 6 months for more than that. I meant if only one thing I can do, I want to extent all other whom have only 6 months to live a life to be able live longer than that.
3. If I have a pill or magic to make one wish come true, why I didn’t wish for another 6 pills or another 6 magic wishes to come true? why limited only one?

too bad, all of that questions work like this to me. can anyone interpret that for me?