Who’ll Bell the Cat?

I’m quite surprised, that many men in one Bullshit country’d never heard this story.
The story about the mice that want to bell the cat.

Is it too damn stupid?

May be too much damn stupid.
but as if what I’ve seen, I think we will surprise for the next damn stupid thinking.

For whom that never read this

The Little Mice Plan to Bell the Cat

Believe me, said a youthful mouse,
That cat makes too much fuss,
The silly thing just sits and waits
to capture one of us.

You’re right, a peer said, looking grim,
I find the cat disgusting,
You never know just where she is!
No wonder we’re mistrusting.

Quickly a committee formed
And came up with an answer!
A bell around the kitty’s neck
Would neutralize the cancer!

The crowd rejoiced: OUR PROBLEM’S SOLVED!

But Grandma Mouse looked leery,
She sighed a tired sigh and said:
I’ve just one simple query.
Who’ll be the one to volunteer
To go and bell the kitty?

And all kept perfect silence then,
Especially the committee.