For more information about each word. one by one.

Negligently: In a country we can see their behavior, with out try to put any effort on, but just want for the result, putting every blaming on others. And yes, that country can even accept the junta or militia Prime minister and claim theirs as Democratic country. How shame.

Gullible: In the country (same as above), you also see many people just listen what the medias published and accept, even never think, analyze or try to find the truth. With despair, I think that country already no hope for making it better.

Observance: Yep, as you know now, on the same as above country: even they are claming themselves as on the religion that based on reason and result. They never use the concept of that, but holding tight on somewhat useless as observance. Dearly country as dull, I wish that may be some day, they can ignore that and know how to using it.

Time: Some has more, some has less, and may others are using it more effective.

Host: People of some country, even said that they have Democracy, but when their government is not on the same side with the noble (sarcastic meaning). They (noble as above) do what ever to destroy it.

All: In other country may mean all people of that country, but in this meaning only mean Medias and whoever believes their lies. Even worse, sometime it means Junta itself.

Ill: Some one got OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder). He talks madly only ethics that he never has.

Longevity: After ninth, is it tenth, or may be zeroth?

Able: Try to bet how long of some that has no ability struggle.

Noblecracy: If Political guru can be by only make new words, then this hereby. Noblecracy is come from two words: Noble and Kratos.

To describe who is Noble (even in my humble view, they are just who fear to lost their power, with emptiness wish to fill for country), you can notice that whoever many soldiers call him “Pa”.

And Kratos meaning is rule or to rule. when you see this two words then that means rule by who they think they are Noble.

Death: Sometime it means just beginning. I can say that even I'm not too much keen on living, but if I can choose I want to do my best on it.