Wscipt removing for protecting your system from VBS virus

Do you know how many virus that can be infected by Flash drive?

To protect that you need to disable Wscript.exe from auto run them

What is Wscript?

Firstly, it was a tool for many automated function.
Microsoft designed to use many macros with Windows System.
Same as document’s macros in Microsoft Office, after the time of good work;
Now it’s poisoned.

To disable your Wscript:

1. Go to Start -> Run

2. Type “%systemroot%\System32

3. Find the file wscript.exe

4. rename it to wscript.bak

5. now the system will appear the pop up windows saying about protected file changed;
ignore it.

6. rename where (where.exe) to be wscript (wscript.exe).
No worry the windows system will create new where.exe after that.
This will prevent wscript from reappear.

That’s all folks