zombie land

firstly, I want to write this as a note in fb in Thai but, change my mind about that.because write this in English no need for me to use more soften words, that I don’t know. I just write what I have heard, some of that I agreed, some I just have been heard.

for people that don’t know anything i just write about new novel on my own, it’s not related on any true story. so please do not too much in too it, ok?

several year before, I discussed with some of my relatives that never return to their homeland. by very curious I asked them why? did they live better overseas?

most of them said “no”, the main reason they don’t wanna back to homeland, that they don’t wanna be alienate by the person that they used to talk about 10 mins, and they don’t agree to stand, or do some silly ceremony, may attack by zombies that used to be human in their eyes.

“is that so serious?” I wonder for that time. “you will see, someday”

for now as I see many cases, now I understand what kind of zombies they talked about.

to invite them to the land of zombies by any reason too risk for their life. so now I understand now how unholy the land it is.