about new web responsive

change both rathwjj.gfxtm.com and gfxtm.com to new web design for some periods. so this is some conclusion of all this project.


for rathwjj.gfxtm.com; using 2015 wordpress theme as original and adapt some that I want, and gfxtm.com useĀ  edin theme as original theme.

firstly i want to use “x” as theme. but for their too complicated theme so i try something that more straight forward.

even with edin that look more straight forward; many function is hidden. still need to be clarify.


i use Gotham Rounded as main font family and try using THSarabunNew as main Thai font; for iconfont i use icomoon.

most picture i use illustrator CS3 as main program to create, included icon font. so in case you want to use my icon font you can ask for it.

any comment? no comment here, sorry for that you can comment any problem in my twitter, http://twitter.com/rathwjj instead.