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imagine that what you can do on your computer network with 10 PCs or more; 8,000 THB ( about 250 USD) per month? enough for IT staff? for back up and restore system? for maintenance and make layout for your expanding work? enough for your email and web hosting?  how if all of that can fit with 8,000 THB per month?

Gfxtm provide you with the package for 10 Users ( that meant one PC/iMac or Notebook/Macbook with one Phone iOS or Android per user)included all maintenance, back up and restore and  training for each user, email, web hosting, cloud backup each for 20 GB, system layout, consult for network expansion and integrate all system in cloud.  all of that only 8,000 THB per month.

more practical than one IT staff, easier, more secure and more efficient for your business. contact us for more information.

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