Aspect of Emptiness

As I read many books (in actual listen) recently. I have some conclusion of the drama social centric on middle class.

Why middle class? Middle class is a class that try to pretend themselves higher than others. On lowest class, they need no pretend to be higher (but in some aspect, some also try to be higher than other in lower class themselves, thus we call that wannabe middle class syndrome). Most middle class have plenty time left between work times on white collar works that always wannabe try to persuade or compete with others, so we can see they always seize in what call emptiness of status and pride.

Back to my conclusion; most drama social centric had something in common:
They try to value themselves by devaluation other; blamed other for some faults and may some of them blamed all on others. They were problems concentrated, not solution concentrated. They had no self esteem, no self respect. So they tried very hard to seize, to worship something, that shown on the lack of respect of self. Mostly they depend on faith, not rational logic. They had no rational emotion (the response of emotion that suit the situation that effective enough and reasonable enough for each events). Act something very overreacted, seem lost, and no doubt; argue everything based on logic, but pure emotional.

The cause of that as I have seen:
They never teach respect on others, no learning of the selfesteem, and very fixed kind of mindset.

What wrong of that?
For all combination of that persons that had been long in that social always had some common kind of aspect.
Protected empty pride. Value themselves by devalue others. Cannot respect others. And worse of all that, never accept their own guilty.

How to fix that?

No, you cannot fix that, nor anyone can, but you can help yourself out. Put yourself on others respect, and self esteem can prevent that. Value yourself by your development compare to yourself, not your status or what you pretend to be; all of that cause you to immune that disease.

Remember that, there is none can value you better than your own.

Drama should not be yours.

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