As I read many article about the born of universe, the Big Bang. Then i wonder, if Big Bang happens when started of the Universe, then what happened before that. any kind of Universe? A Big big big Giant Star, or 2? or any thing else?

more than that we live in the only Universe? or we have plenty of Universes, the Multiverse? or we live in the Universe among plenty of Parallel Universes, that place in different dimension on the things that can be called “Space-Time”?

Who knew?


PS: in case you don’t know what is the Multiverse and the Parallel Universes.

Multiverse is the cluster of limitless or uncountable universes around our observation Universe. because of each universe has spaces bound to each one so huge that we cannot observe another near our universe: thus we assume that our Universe is only one.

Then what is parallel universe?

Did you ever wonder that what will happen if you did something instead of another, what if you never born in this world?

In every possibility of one thing happened appeared in another Parallel Universe.

how many Parallel Universes?

as I mention above: Countless. we will see plenty of Universe in this Idea, some will join the same result in a time and after that branch out again.

That’s some ideas that we can not travel back in time, but we will go to another Parallel Universe instead, that the Possibility that somethings not happened yet.