bad day is a good day to learn the lesson

Did you ever hear the tale about two japanese carpenters. one that came from very rich family that had his own lumber mill and his father workshop, another came from very poor twelfth son from 25 brothers and sisters. they both came to learn how to master carpenter skills from the famous carpenter master in edo.

the rich boy learn everything quickly, know how to master everything easy and smooth, while the poor one feel himself very dull. had to learn everything twice and very slow to response to the master. but so ever, even that, the rich one still think his master loved the poor one more than him. he felt jealously every his master complement to the poor one.

while both finished all learning and had their own shops, the rich one made all the connection and left only the very hard and impossible works for the poor one. by thinking that would put the poor one to the hardship and quit the thought to be carpenter.

ten years later, the rich one already forgot about his fellow poor one. while sitting in his big workshop, a customer came and ask him for working that he thought that it’s impossible to do. the customer said that he got one of this kind by other lumber shop, and while he listened to the name of the owner of that shop,made him shock. it was his poor fellow.

he asked where the shop was, the hurried to reach there in half an hour, the very big and good reputation to any one around there. the poor one now not poor, he was reputation on doing what impossible on others. cheap and good on quality. when the shop owner see his old friend, he gladly greeting. asking about what other works. talked about his old work that passed. at the first it’s very hard for him to work. but after a time, he learn how to make a move, how to do work cheaper and less wasted. about 2 years later he can work on every work that other denied.

that sure for every one to go on the hard time. but what you learn from the hard time? it’s only passed? or you got lesson or two?

many time the hard time is the very good time to revise, to rethink, to re our habit.

because it’s better to not complain when raining drop on your head, but learn how to use it on your own ways.