The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

just for my own reference after finish reading this book.

it has 7 parts same as the book name.

1. Be proactive

2. Begin with the end in mind

3. Put first things first

4. Think win-win

5. Seek first to understand then to be understood

6. Synergize

7. Sharpen the saw.

to be proactive that meant you have to make a planning or mapping of goal that you set for the final of what you want to be. that bring us to the second, begin with the end in mind. that you must have the image of yourself, that what you want to be in the end.

for that final path you have to prioritize yourself what to do to bring you to that path, by put first things first. and to take you to that path you may need to interact with other people, you must think about other in win-win situation for the long run relationship. and to know what is win-win you should understand what other need by seek first to understand other need and value, before letting other understand you. and to work with others have to work synergize not compromise. your work result should be more not less than individual work. to make yourself work as good as possible you should use the right tools. to put down your stress, and bring yourself on the right situation all the time. by sharpen the saw.

that’s all the conclusion that i can make for that book.

the next blogs should be what i did for each part for this book response.

– to be continued