byron katie

this conclusion from two books; “Loving, what is” and “i need you love, is it true?”

in steve chandler’s “Collin Wilson’s ladder of selves” lesson; you will see three steps of selves:

physicals, emotions, and consciousness.

“the work” in katie (as she call herself that) described has 4 main questions. and then turn around that can be asked yourself that it true or truer?

4 questions that she brings out come from your questions (inquiry) in your mind that stress you.

1. is it true, can you really absolute know is it true?
2. how you react when you got that thought?
3. what would you be without this thought?
4. give the reasons that why you still keep this thought/story/concept, that free of stress for you.

turn around is to bring your questions turn your question subjects from someone else to yourself, and make more question by change objective from yourself to the subject you wrote before. and the third one is the original question change from should to should not. and look all around that which one more true for you.

you can do all inquiry as much as you can sometime the answer will not come at the first time. but sometime later the answer will show you what the better way to release yourself from your emotion chains.