steve chandler reinventing yourself

it’s a good book, even there were several book that have the same name as the brain tracy’s book or other author. one of the best part of this book is the ladder of selves.

the best of picture of this book can be read at here.

so if we can read that there why you rewrite again?

first. i like the concept of you have no personality. you are just collection of experiences pain and pleasure. you act as is now because of you believe by that pnp (for short of pain and pleasure).

second if you are understand the concept of ladder of selves, that separated the ladder to three parts;

Physical / Emotion / Conscious
if you only react on physical action then you are graded at this low level, you can go no where, and that’s all.
if you only react on emotion, other expects then you cannot foresee what you will be, where you head, and the most worst of all, you cannot know where you be now.
If you can focus only on conscious, you know what happen next, you can be sure on everything you do. you have calling for everything you touch. the live with full of objectives by your own subjective.

now i don’t need my personality, may be sometime later you also may not.