Categorize my time again

after reading (actually listening) I found some good categorize system that can may use with my organize system


what is ABCDE?

it’s the abbreviation of 5 letter categories

A and B come from 80:20 theories

that 20 % of your most value things consumed 80 % of your time and vice versa:

A: the 20% of working time that generated value for 80%


B: the 80% of working time that generated value for 20%

C: for the work that still need for Connection

D: Delegated: some works may better in others hands and if that so sent the work to the right person may better.

E: Eliminated: this scum should never be in any eyes for more

for that reasons:

I need to made more A; lesser B and C

sent out some work to D and trash E at once.