confident gap

this book is in the series of 3 books on set of Happy Trap, Confident Gap, and Reality Slap.
in case you don’t know the writer name Dr. Russ Harris is the ACT Acceptance and commitment therapy based Psychologists.

about this book, he said about confident have 2 meaning, your thought and your act, and confident never meant you were out of fear.
lack of confident meant that
1. lack of skill or competent
2. lack of practical
3. too overwhelm is emotion

on too overwhelm of emotion, mostly he talked about fear.
fear is some attitude that we think it’s negative and to delete all negative thought is a must.

but in this book, the first principle :nothing is positive or negative thought, but only workable or not.

fact that cannot bring us nowhere should be call unworkable facts.
about fear; there was two steps for that, first called neutralized fear, and second called use fear as fuel.

even you follow everything in this book or others all of his books, he said he cannot guarantee your success, success is definition by each person. so he bring some good definition for success for you to consider.

there were two types of things in your life that matters; one called goals, destinations, or targets another one called values.

you live your life by goals or values?

goals meant achievement, by the way values is determine how you live your life.
living by goal meant you were in quadratics treadmill, you need other goals to make you feel success all the ways.

but live by values, you can live success life easier and no hard feeling. even feeling achievement is different.

I think I should continue into next ones.