talk about confidence gap cont’d

last blog, i talk about what really in the book, but this one is only my pure opinions.

firstly, when he said that, “life is the daring adventure or nothing”: it’s always like choosing side, that also seem like you can choose nothing at all.
secondly, value in this book, in my opinion separated to:
1. skill set both physical and mental included linguistics.
2. emotion handling – connection handling
3. open-ness
4. rule and authority following included organizing (internal rules and external rules)
5. contribution
6. Persistence
most values are mixed values, so you can find sometimes all your six values put in the same direction.
so he did make advice to put 2 values in your 6 main; persistent and self-development.

self development can say that it is in skill set and can define as both physical, or mental develop.
while persistence is more directed values i itself.

the best part of the book is point out how useless of both attitude about fear, positive thinking and negative thinking that bring you nowhere. self acceptance should be first declare, so both persistence and self develop can do its work.

so all your life is focus on what workable, what can be improve and the rest should be ignore.

so we should focus on how to make ourselves “better” on our values. and our values can refine better everyday.