as long as i am now, i was very confuse about atheist, religion and some of all other morals subject.

i am very familiar in chinese gods traditional, and by the way Christ in some.

i used to grew on thai Buddhism school in highschool.

after some recent time i read some audiobook and i can now more understand on this all topic in my ways;

there are some reasons for that religion, and also the traditional, ceremony or whatever it shows today.

may sometime we need to look through all of that why?

in my view; “no” i such not necessary, it’s just whatever make you feel better, feel relieve, hold you together.

because all sentience being; consciousness may cannot always “on” all the time, some many times it turn “off”.


for my now got some of my very conscious mind back; in some level. i would like to ask some question to myself like this:

1. why they need to be this rude? why they ruined all of they image that they create for whole life?

or some may be whole family life?

2. such any reasons to be this rush? any circumstances? any take emergency situation to need to take the rush before?

3. on such the 2. if that such reasons; the defender know or didn’t know about that? if they know this may be conspiracy theory taken or just whom can bear most take all, instead of who win take all?

ok after this, i will watch this soup opera with more ease, and hopefully “fun”.

it may some time when you took some books to read and found something you ask in some many books around: and this time i found, one.

it named “Ultraroyalism in Toulouse”