this may such a long time after i wrote the old one, and i hope that i wrote this through on very long; as same as very directed as i thought.

i found that my writing in my blog, for so long, very long, very directive, and at least more constructive than in my facebook, nor twitter.

i found that writing something here make me let it crystallize longer than a short and full of grudge; like in doing in facebook.


on this occasion; i think i should bent myself back to my blog, write something i want to in my own manner without extroverted hateful source outside.

why i have to humiliate myself like they did, like they said or like they acted?

why should i did something unrespectful to myself?

what they said they did or acted already discriminated their own unhumanized enough; why should i play the mud with them?


for this long and long blog of mine; i wish, expected, and did be sentimentalizing to write some more frequent on you.

and that is all begin with “i wish”