curse of knowledge

do you any feel that nobody understand you?.

yep, many time I use to feel that.

I had someone that shook me awake, first to mention is Wuth (Worawut) my old good friend that worked together in HK before.

second is k anne (Sukonta) my greatest one that ever pass in my life. for k anne she shook me awake so many time and too detail to mention. while Wuth was easier ones even more powerful in some way.

while we had conversation in 2002 in that time I still techno nerd, gundammania and computer guy. I talked about how to upgrade ram and harddisk and …. while I talk some of that Wuth said that He had to try put kfc to tv on samurai burger … : sound nonsense. yep and I get his point immediately, my talk is nonsense for non IT like him, he was good as designer (and still) but not the one that follow IT all along. after that events I always have my mantra. looking to your audience, did they understand what you said. what kind of gibberish you said?