windows ,smb and other OS sharing

I stop the articles for 2 weeks because I knew myself will reminiscent about many things; time that OSI model still needed, Netbuei, Netware, appletalk, X.25, ATM, Netbios. now we move to era of TCP/IP, especially TCP/IP version 4 and version 6.

when talk about file sharing, windows users almost think about windows folder share, before this many kind of windows share happen before, in the end windows share took dominant.

for other OSes (Apple, Linux, Unix) take reference of windows share as SMB (samba protocol) before begin as Samba SMB was Server Message Block before, samba now as open source is more know as standard than the official SMB one.

sorry if this article/post very short. just want to dig into jargon terms so next post will no need to do this.