first course of electrical technician.

just wanna share my experiences in life. this achievement category open for that. for my customers, friends, or some people have conversation with can read and refereed as what was already happen.

my first course of electrical technician was begin in my first high school years. (in thai it called mo. 1) my aged about 11 years old. the first course i learnะ at RSST (it opposite of the old siam for now) on the course for repair radio. yes radio, at that time radio and tv set were very pricy, most of people use their tv set about 10 years. the last course i learnt was tv set repair and that time i’m at mo. 4 (grade 10) using that certificated for sob teip (in case you don’t know about it, sob teip or skip the class, was the shortcut to pass many years in thai education for 20 years ago. in case you want to read more about this, sorry that it is all in thai.

what i got from that classes? for that time, i knew about lead, soldiering gun and how to avoid the smoke from that. and for that knowledge still using in my Engineering class later. the second was how to read resisters, capacitors and inductors. the third how to wired up or repair inductors and transformers. forth how to use multimeter in detail, really very detail.

did i found any fun parts in that?
in case you don’t know at that time i learnt at Rajabopit; i normally learnt class in the half days some in morning parts some in afternoon, still have to help my grandparents groceries store after classes, and mean time, this classes in the evening from six to nine, sometimes to ten. i found that the class was so good. most of the students older than me, at least 5 years. i found that for others that learnt this for their own occupation not for part times jobs like me, always put my feeling higher to hunger in learn more and more. its always fun when you know that someone near you know more than you and you can rely on them to push you better.

and that was my most fun parts in that.