how i studied English

in case we know each other for more than 30 years. you will notice my accent for both thai and english.

my āļĢ sounded so like r more than thai ro sounded and my “ren” sound more like “y-ean” more than “yean”.

just want to share how i learnt all this three – thai english and chinese language.

i start learned chinese since pre school level, purely chinese. but in case you think i can speak chinese like thai no it’s different chinese. most old thai-chinese speak “Teochew” but i’m not, i’m hakka that learnt both hakka and mandarin but not “Teochew”.

in primary school level, i moved to christian and then hindu school that made me have “broken” chinese more broken than before.

and when i back to thai education system i moved to buddhist temple “wat” and that the first time, i studied the normal thai language.

even you can say that may be my english skills may better than normal thai, then you’re wrong. #lol.
my english skill improved while i do part times in summer since secondary school. i have part time jobs in tourist center. and then tourist agency.

but the most start in the travel guide assistant began while on summer break of sophomore in engineering course. i was tourist guide assistant about two months. doing everything for tourists, eg., bring them to police station, translated all problems to police. bring them to embassy. airlines and some times out from jail: looking back on that periods it was very amusing.

i was back on track for chinese language skill again after i back to work at hong kong for about 3 years. my broken chinese help me not much, so i needed to try to use both english and chinese in the same time, desperately i try learning cantonese, got some but still be broken cantonese.

so next time, when you talk with me and feel that all my chinese, english and thai feel broken; don’t make a look of very surprise on your face…. ok?