Human right was under supremely lowest level in Thailand.

FIDH (see note below) had publish in their website about Thai abuse of human right at supremely level.
May be below than Burmese in the pasted month.

You can see the documents in their website as listed)

1. Detention of anti-coup protesters is arbitrary

2. FIDH’s call to delay enactment of National Security Act

3. Threats / Harassment – THA 001 / 0106 / OBS 005.1

And also raised this topic to be main theme of Fifth Asia-Europe (ASEM) Peoples’ Forum,

4. Human rights must be at the core of the discussions!

Also in this upcoming Asean meeting;

5. OPEN LETTER to ASEAN Ministers for a Robust, Independent and Effective ASEAN Human Rights Commission

So agree or not is your choice, for me the truth eventually revealed.

Many jigsaws that had made me wonder about many mysteries for the pasted tens year, now cleared.

Thank for the Coup.


FIDH; International Federation of Human Rights (in French: Fédération internationale des droits de l'homme) is a federation of non-governmental human rights organizations.

You can see about the activities in their website here