NGV LGV and Gasoline

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This is what the conclusion I have now.



– Most friendly to Environment.
– Can be made from all waste of plant and animal
– Only Methane and CO2 produce in this process


– Need to remove carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, particles and water (and sometimes other trace components).
– Low effectiveness.


– For use as main source of supply, needly to purified and compressed

LNG Liquefied natural gas


– Friendly to Environment.
– Can be produced in mass.
– Can be produced from Landfill gas


– Higher cost to produce compare with diesel and gasoline.

Hydrogen is not an energy source but an energy carrier. At the outset, energy input is used to extract hydrogen from compounds such as hydrocarbons or water.


Many method of usages, hydrogen can be used with O2 as water or as hydro-carbon compound.


Energy to reserve hydrogen as ready for usage quite high, approximate to 30% of the power that can be produced.

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