install your ubuntu server

if you follow my few recent posts about storage, you may want to know how to install ubuntu server 22.04 step by step for now. this may not brief, some may very technical.

first, I install this on the machine and equipment’s I have, some may not suite your needed, bandwidth and capacity-speed may vary by each usages.

you can download ubuntu server version via this.

and in case you want to create usb installation disk by windows desktop you can download rufus here.

how to create usb installation disk on windows.

incase you use MacOS you can follow the instruction here.


note I have other work for now as interruption, so for this post will show all preparation instead.

quite serious problems for 18 hour still now is 7% this picture for 12 hour before. hope everyone backup and no this kind of accident.

this is my old ubuntu 20 devices, sdd sata and harddisk 2TB (green), I upgrade to SSD with m.2 interface on the PCI-E card (my mainboard have no m.2 interface) with HDD (blue).

hope that the recovery parts quicker than I assume, so I can be back for this articles. for now: BACKUP for your own sanity.