making your cloud

you can make your cloud server, select your hardware and look into each components to put into your system, even can choose your OS(es) or cloud software.

for now (november 2022), I recommended like this.

  1. look into your need. how much storage you need, how strong your storage password + encryption + time of backup/ usage bandwidth. for all number I suggested to multiply by 2 at least for your own good.
  2. look into your budget, time to spend on this, your special cases (app, database, programming language, condition) included all that in your consideration.
  3. if you don’t have time or special need to mess with complex solutions, NAS or even cloud services may be good choices. you don’t need to make it harder.
  4. if you want to learn something new, low budget, on experimental period, let follow my diy guide below.
this is my system, run around 2 years already, you can see that it run without shutdown for 200 days already. last time I shutdown it for replace UPS battery.

OS that I choose was Ubuntu 20.04.4 (2 years old already) no GUI, access via SSH and webmin only.

I will replace the old SSD (for OS) and HDD (for storage).

my DIY NAS case is not so big, included all devices we have only 1 UPS with some modification is ok.

##not related to topic

the UPS itself modify to provide 2 channel 12 VDC direct from battery to ONU and main router that use as 5 GHz wifi AP too. for other IOT devices and non critical location cameras wifi have other Unifi LP AP to provide the services here and there.

because not much devices I use the space between two column to make the network cabinet and on the front of cabinet as the chalkboard.


I will replace all of that with new OS (Ubuntu server 22.04) and new SSD / new HDDs so next time I will walk you step by step on what I do on this DIY.