Introduction to Universal Access Design

As the person that defined myself as Universal Access Design Support (Universal Access Design + Universal Access Support). To simplify the definition of Universal Access; Universal Access Design; Universal Access Support may make all things easier for one whom follow this topic.

Universal Access came from the ideas of Accessibility, first from the need of help of the handicaps, then as we look in wider population, elders, parents with very young toddlers, or even normal average persons that had some temporary need of help and more possible accessible.

Universal Access Design: Universal Access Design concerned on how to make the facility easier to access to everyone, mostly define by how to make the width, height, reachable, color contrast, audible, decent slopes. The term “Design” is cover on both architect and social approached.

Universal Access Support: Universal Access Support is the branch of technology support in Universal Access. By using technology like speech recognition, automation, auto coloring contrast, brightness adjustment, human detection, and many other technology to assisted persons in needed.