some main ideas for new car/ home/ notebook /phone 2022

key to concern

notebook /phone

  1. can use same charger (pd 100w as is for now).
  2. wifi 6 support
  3. LAN 1GB possible for notebook has LAN port (full RJ45) for phone can support usb type c to LAN
  4. notebook less than 1.5 kg (no charger included because can use same charger as phone)
  5. no need power bank because can use notebook as powerbank (incase of need)
  6. macbook may be a good choice (but preferred x64)
  7. backpack can carried -charger -datalink – device with planner within 3.5 kg
  8. wait may not first factor to concern

car /home

  1. electric charger is in concern.
  2. solar cell -> charger is in concern.
  3. 12, 24, 48 V dc standard is in concern.
  4. hybrid may be second best choice.
  5. safety + budget still be the first factor.