Life has no meaning till you gave meaning to it

i don’t know how other use their life, actually i didn’t mean for care on any other use their life until i found many unexpected happen with me.

my early life was not so perfect, nothing closed for called that; but the rest of that so far good, my score on the academic records said that all, and because of that i had the scholarship (that i never mean for getting that) since 8 years old.

all of that good until about 9 years before now:

from this view looking back, i have to say like “my way” said, ” after all tear subside, i found it all so amusing”.

i’ve learned many of the lessons i cannot forget.

and some of that is “life is no meaning until you make it”.

your life can be meaningful, or just passing each day life; no other can force you.

but as i can say here, no matter how the view of life you have, just set target and sail there, be flexible, you can sail out from the target as many as you wish if that still make you enjoy your life. because when you reach that target you still need to have another target for sailing along.

So as the lessons i had, “be happy for everything you do, and that would be nice for your life for sure”.

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