i know, i know, i know; i left this places without any updates.

for the grave so many excuses can be.

but most of all, with now we have tweeter:


most of the time, i just love to write down only one or two paragraphs of writing just to remind myself what i think in some situation.

it seem that this blogs work so well for that reason.


for me now, it’s many times that i fell depressed, but not so depressed as before; thank for the person whom gave a lot of inspiring energy for me, i save her rainbows plenty enough to use in bad times.

more over, i think after i ignore some sort of what my religion is; as the word “ignostic”; thus i think i learned more about moral than before.

and now after this i hope i still fall to this two paradigms:

1. if i’m already bore or want to give up my life, then the day after tomorrow then, none of persons refereed as me, myself; then no expectation of the day after that, no need to worry, no need to stay cool: but only keep embracing myself that the day after this is the gift. it’s the bonus. i will live as full as i can. till the day that i’m no longer here.

2. for every success and failure; let embrace them all; learned the bright spot from the success; try to find the work ones and copy it again: while learning why fail, and next times ask myself “does still this fail need to be?”. and later after that learn some more lessons on both successes and failures.

hope the next time i can write down somethings so long like this again ^^.


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