making of hackintosh

from my previous blog, i didn’t tell detail of installing the osx86 yet

but you can read some from another blogs:

please read these for reference; all of that i read before doing this project:

1. RoberT_XeS’s Guide for Asus P5Q series

2. RockSteady’s Guide for Asus P5Q-em

3. solving the problems of only 1024×768 display on intel GMA X4550HD

note: for me i try many re-installation and got the best conclusion for myself that

the idaneb 10.5.5 with mo update is the best stable solution for me.

the kexts that i installed are only for sound, i didn’t add any other kext.

if you bring the lcd to use with this system “do not use it with wide screen” that all i can say.

i install Chameleon v2 and restart 2 time before install OSX86 tools

and that only for get “1280x800x32@60Hz”