project hackintosh III

now project hackintosh on full time working;

this is the full spec of hackintosh:

CPU: intel e7700 down clock to 1.6 GHz (8.0×200 MHz)

memory: ddr2 800MHz, 4 GB

HDD: 500 GB seagate sata

DVD: Samsung

MB: Asus P5Q-EM


this is the pic


this is the old system

the problem: as i found,  the x4500hd that bundle in p5q-em can support the best resolution only 1280x1080x32@60Hz

i dropped the speed to 1.66 GHz instead of its full as 2.66GHz for reduce heat.

no need for that speed on the work station like this.

for more info i will keep blog it.

but now have problems.

i cannot run classics (os9) on that.

– – so need to solve another problems again.