my rules for posting on social media

i have played social media for long, long enough to feel that sometime it’s too emotional topics to do something on social media.
this rules for me, to make me walk in a path that no emotions effects on me. i think this all as good as it should be; for me.

1. think twice before posting something, any benefit from that?
is it just emotion topics? read twice and ask that any lost good will from that?

2. even it’s true, any others already post that?
that posting reflect on business purpose?
if not you really need to post?

3. before discussion something with someone in social media, make sure they have enough logic to do the discussion.
If any evidence make clear that they ain’t; stop, no need to continue to have the discussion for the people that have no logic.

4. in case of very sensitive topics, do you still need to have discussion on that topics?
how strong of the will to bear the logic for the people whom see that discussion?
do they have enough logic to bear that kind of topics?
do you think it’s any good to continue on that kind of discussion?

if all of 4 rules have been following, i’m sure that my posting on social media will drop to one tenth. so if my posting are all drop dramatically, don’t be surprise.