script for continuous support

do you ever lost your valuable data?

for me, yes, and it happened twice.

sadly for me that is the most valuable data. first time it’s on my thesis for bachelor degree that related on power electrical, software controlled and some small parts of communication. and second time on my final projects simulation for my master degrees that related on Computer simulated and MBA.

so i understand quite gravely how much weight when someone data lost. and try to find many ways to prevent that.

continuous support try to fill the solutions on most computer related protect.

what continuous support focus?

we focus both preventive and corrective maintenance support, that all included backup, schedule hardware and software checking daily. alert you when you need to change hardware. calculate all costs of operations. deal for all hardware and software that will enhance your works. protect your valuable data both by backup and strengthen your security.

while in meantime, we understand you need to work everywhere. so our cloud backup support will help you both backup, distribute and share data with your team, while work everywhere is possible. you can do limitless things anywhere anytime.

so this is conclusion for continuous support

1. preventive support for both data, hardware and software.
2. corrective and schedule support. included new hardware and software implementation
3. cloud storage and remote/branch/home office site support to make you can work anywhere, anytime.