New Year Resolution Again

Let do the resolution again.


looking back to the resolution of last year

as passed year;

for conclusion I did expected less and what I have got be even.

For that, this next year I will set my resolution again.

I think next year must be some hard time for me.

Everything seems dull; more dull than this year.

I still wonder that I need to be wandering again?

Ok; enough, let make the resolution here.

1. I knew that I addicted too much on challenge. I am addicted really hard on that. So I think now it’s better time to cure on that. It’s unwise to run on some risk with putout nothing. So let mediate that.

2. From the above problems; I dislike to work on continuous work. I love to solve the hard problems more than sit and work the schedule ones. That’s most my weak point. Hope that I can find way to cure that.

3. I can let go of something less than I expected. Normally I can let go of everything I didn’t care. but for something that I care, it’s too deep to do that. This year let the problems go. Let what happen with other be the problem of other. For me sit still.

4. More for? more working? more reading? I don’t think I should do that, normally I used working as the tablet for relieve pain itself. That why I really addicted to work. No more more working. Let say that.

Any wanna join my new year resolution? Don’t hesitate to. ^^