Windows XP X64 problems

As is I use Windows XP X64 for a periods, I can summarize some problems that I see hereby as;

1. Most program that work as is driver emulate on normal XP cannot work on XP x64.
2. Most driver have to write specifically.
3. Some installed in “Program files” some in “Program files (x86)”

Some good point that I have to mention.

1. Memory; Now I use 8 GB memory (4x 2GB) at DDR2 800 MHz without problems.
2. Good for emulator software like virtual PC; I think it works flawlessly compare with normal XP

List Program that I notice the problems and ways to solve.

1. Driver ;this is the main problems: Contact or check on your vendor website. This may the best way to solve this problem.
I can list some of my hardware that I used and ignore as the old version of webcam, and some old USB scanner.

Now all of my hardware can use with XP X64 (that meant Vista64 also) without problems.

2. Nero 7; normally The CD-DVD writer part has no problem but only it’s slower than it should compare with the same system on normal Windows XP. The worst part of Nero for Windows XP X64 is Imagedrive; You cannot use Nero imagedrive at all.

To solve this problem, solely I use PowerISO as the Imagedrive Program, and using Nero 7 and CopyToDVD as the DVD writer program.

3. The Most worries problem for me is Anti virus and Firewall; Before switch to Windows XP X64; I used Zonealarms as the suite for both. That in my opinion it’s quite a successful choice for that. The problem is I cannot use that on windows XP X64.

To solve this problem, I choose Agtinum Outpost 64; That work smoothly for me; even sometimes it swallow all of my resources (8 GB!!!!). but most of the time I think it’s great to have.

4. The worst problem I found now, it cannot call problem; it should be called “mis-expect”. Mozilla Firefox for 64 bit edition (Minefields) can work worse than I had expected. So I still stuck (moldy I wanna forget t there) wih old 32bit version. Opera has problems also. I cannot upgrade new version of Opera as I expected.

5. Itunes 8. I stuck with silly warning screen. and I cannot upgrade more for Itunes 8. Now I stuck with version
after I download neither Itunes 8 32bit or 64bit can be installed. Hope any person can help me outahere.

6. Most all other program no prob. I can list all program that I installed with out problems here.

6.1 Compression Utilities : Winrar, WinZip comperate version, 7zip; all of that had no problems (at least until now) I wondering that they will launch 64bit version or not?
May be, may be not.

6.2 Office Suite: I can use Microsoft office 2003, or 2007 on Windows XP X64 with noproblems at all, Openoffice also.

6.3 all of ACDSee and Picassa 3 had no problem also.

6.4 All of Adobe software had no problems as I saw.

For your information please share with me. Or you can ask me about my experience about Windows XP X64. Don’t be hesitated.