note for PCs and devices name

all of my devices now be in series of dragon’s sons
listed here
Qnu 囚牛 : Hybrid of cow and dragon – mi 9 se
Yzx 睚眦 : Hybrid of wolf and dragon
ChFn 嘲風 : Hybrid of goat and dragon – Audio Car system
BLd 蒲牢 : Hybrid of dog & dragon
Pixie 贔屭 : Hybrid of turtle and dragon – Lenovo G405s
Snni 狻猊 : Hybrid of lion and dragon – Linux server
Brian 狴犴: Hybrid of tiger and dragon – Main workstation
FZ 負屓 : Hybrid of snake and dragon
ZV 螭吻 : Hybrid of fish and dragon – Macbook 2010